This Is How To Work From Nigeria and Earn In Pounds £ or Dollars $ LEGALLY


Hey guys! Been a while I wrote a blogpost on here. I have been really tied up with some projects for my company Presidential Ideas – I got some new clients and I got a deal to become the brand developer for a great company in London, so have been hustling with the team and trying to get their brand popping as fast as possible and lets be honest, I have been dancing around the streets of London every chance I get (you can see me in action on my Youtube Channel ) and not to forget – I have been working on an online course called “The Puzzle Hustle” which will contain the blueprint of how I started my service design based business in Nigeria on my grand-mother’s dining table and moved that sh*t to London within a year, I believe anyone can do the same, hence why I have been working on the course since last year December.

Before we go into the post proper, its amazing how many people don’t know that you can get paid in pounds and dollars from Nigeria or any other developing country legally. Let me break the ice, YES YOU CAN! You just have to know how. Why am I so confident about this you might ask? Well, because that was what I was doing when I was in Nigeria. I started from my granny’s dining table and later moved to a 2 bedroom apartment during my service year (I used the other free room as my office) and later I decided to move to London to pay thousands of pounds towards getting an MSc and also residing here on my terms.

My first client from the USA (a fitness company) paid me $1200 and another $400plus for some other things I did for his company. And since then, have worked with people and companies from different part of the world – but a vast majority from the UK and USA. In this post, am going to try as much as possible to break the ice, explain why its very profitable to earn in pounds and dollars from Nigeria, share what you need to do to start earning in foreign currency and give some relevant pointers. So please read every line, there are hidden treasures within each line.

YES YOU CAN EARN IN £ or $ IN NIGERIA! You just have to know how.

Enough of all the small talks, lets get into the blogpost proper. As you can tell from the post title – “This Is How To Work From Nigeria and Earn In Pounds £ or Dollars $ LEGALLY” I placed emphasis on LEGALLY  because unfortunately, Nigerians and Ghanaians have been stereotyped to be fraudsters, so anytime someone talks about working with “white people” and being paid from overseas, a large number of people instantly think to themselves – This guy is a scammer ( or better still – this guy is a 419ner).

Matter of fact, when I was working on my grand-mother’s dining table in 2013 after I graduated from Uni and I was always on skype with “white people” and being paid via western union, my granny thought I was into fraud a.k.a Yahoo Yahoo and it kinda hurt me that my own granny thought I would stoop so low after spending 4years in university burning the midnight candle, I didnt bother trying to explain to her what I was doing, I just told her to trust me and believe that aint doing anything illegal.

When I started on my Granny’s dining table in Nigeria / in London

So, now that we have cleared up the “LEGALLY” part of the title, lets talk about the other part This Is How To Work From Nigeria and Earn In Pounds £ or Dollars $ LEGALLY”, making money in pounds and dollars from Nigeria or Ghana for example is a blessing, the reason is because –  I have been hearing people say that there is recession in Nigeria currently and whenever the economy is down it means the conversion rate for dollars and pounds goes up which means people based in Nigeria who earn in pounds or dollars are in a very sweet spot…, let me make this clear – regardless of the economic situation in Nigeria, if you earn in pounds or dollars, you will always be in a sweet spot because lets face it – 1 Naira (N1) will never equal 1 Pound (£1) [I know the saying goes – never say never, but on this one, am sure alot of people will agree with me]

I know at this point, you are like Daniel, just shut up and give me the trick, hack or tell me this shit already! Chill Johny, chill Sarah, am gonna get to it on the next line.

So, how do you Work From Nigeria and Earn In Pounds £ or Dollars $ LEGALLY? what you need to do is get into the service based business. Dont close this tab, listen to me. Let me explain what a service based business means – a service based business is one in which what is being delivered (the product) is not a physical one and there is no barrier to where the service is coming from or the location its been delivered to, what matters most is the service being rendered and the fact that it adds value to the receiver / consumer.

What this means, is that you can be in Iraq with bombs flying over your head and as long as you have a computer or smartphone with internet connection, you are in business. You are not bound to a geographic location and you are not shipping any product, all you are doing is exchanging your time, expertise or skill for money, this means you can choose the time you want to work and how you want to work.


Another point is that the service based business you need to get into is one which your service can be delivered over the internet. Are you getting any ideas already? Graphics, web design, beat production, photography, managing social media accounts for businesses, consultancy and the list goes on. This types of businesses are not location bound and does not require any startup capital, everything you need to start is already in you because what you are delivering is your skill, expertise and time. To me, this is the singular way to be in Nigeria and earn in pounds and dollars over the internet. This was what I did, I started a service based design business to provide businesses with graphics and web design and with such offerings, you are not limited to who and where you can provide your service to.

The most important sauce to this is this – You need to place yourself in a place where you would be found by clients overseas. Alot of people don’t know this and its very important. No matter how good your skills and expertise are, you will remain a local champ if you you are not properly positioned. I know alot of designers (better than me) based in Nigeria who if they know what I know about proper positioning inorder to get clients overseas would be killing it and making good money because they’ve got tremendous skill but they miss that last piece.


Now, the last piece I missed when I started. Inorder to make sure the pounds and dollars keeps flowing in on a regular basis, you need to have some sort of strategy in which you charge monthly recurring income for your service. When I started, I was concerned about just getting clients and getting paid the hundreds of pounds or thousands of pounds, but money always gets spent, the key is to ensure you provide a service in which you get clients to pay you monthly / weekly for your services, to make this happen you must provide value to them or their business.

At this point, if you have not gotten the gist – please read the previous two paragraphs, they keys are there. Obviously, I would not be able to go into great detail on how to start or what exactly to do because of time and its not really possible to share so much with text, what I can do is give pointers and hope the smart people catch them.

In my upcoming  course called “The Puzzle Hustle” I have taken it upon myself to share the key things to do, how you can set up a design based service business and work from home like I did from my granny’s dining table even if you do not have experience or skill (you’ll learn it all in the course), get paid in Pounds and Dollars by clients overseas without prior experience in designing graphics / websites because when I started, I taught myself graphics and web design within one month – I focused on working smart instead of hard, I learned the trick of the trade that allows you create high quality designs at a much faster time without killing yourself and how / where to place yourself so these clients overseas can actually see you and then you can get paid in £ or $.

The Course Is Now Out And Open For Enrollment!!!


Thanks for reading. Have a question, query or concern? Use the comment box below and I’ll be right there to reply you.

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