[You’ve Been Lied To]: The 1 TRUTH About Making Money Online & Offline

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A lot of people want to do “the internet business thing” , it sounds like a lot of fun to work online, on your computer and make money without going to a 9-5 job right? You don’t need to answer because I already know the answer is Yes! Who doesn’t want to work from home, sip some coke and watch money roll into their bank account! Its like the new thing now, you hear of people making money on the internet, doing legitimate businesses and living the 9-5 free lifestyle and you wish that was you, you wish you can do the same because you are tired of the job life or not even having a job at all. I can tell you for a fact that its a good life, not because I have read about it but because I live it. I have been self-employed working from my computer since I was 19, I am 24years old now. I have never had a 9-5 job till today except that one time I had to work with a company in London for about 31 days – they wanted me to re-brand their online presence and brand Identity and it was important that I was part of the team for a month so I could see how they work, understand their culture and use my assessment in creating a killer brand for them, even though I enjoyed the whole process – I saw first hand how crazy and stressful the job life can be and vowed never to get a full time job in my life.

Back to the matter at hand – making money on the internet! I want to give you a shocker, the whole making money on the internet, working from your house and sipping lemonade while money comes in with you doing little or no work is a myth! Matter of fact, its bullshit! I did an interview with the Under35CEO website the other day and they asked me “How did you make your first online income? How much time did it take to make money online?” when I saw the question, I knew this is the same question a lot of people have in their mind and want to know. How did you or how do people make money online, is it a software? is it that if i buy a book about internet money I will learn the Secret and start making money on the internet as well? Is it a trick? What is it? How do I do it? I need to know. So instead of painting a beautiful picture like a lot of people have been pushed to believe, I decided to keep it real, tell the truth and break this myth of making money on the internet. In the next paragraph, I will break the myth and tell you what you need to know.


Making money on the internet or even making money generally involves one thing – PROVIDING VALUE!  I know this is not what you would have expected to hear, but its the truth and I want you to stick with me because I am going somewhere and you will get tremendous value from this blogpost. There is no secret, blueprint, software, programme, bootcamp, course, website or anything that will give you money and give you the lifestyle of sipping coke while earning thousands of pounds or dollars working from home without you actually providing some type of value. There are a lot of scam courses, ebooks, and people who promise to give you that one program or software that will change your life and give you the internet money you’ve been dreaming of. Its not just real.I will give you a quick and interesting story that will paint the picture of what am trying to explain better.

Other words for Value: Usefulness, Advantageous, Benefit, Gain, Profit, Service, Importance, Assistance.

Some weeks ago, a guy who attended the same university as me back in Nigeria (we weren’t really friends in school) told me about his money problems, family challenges and other horror stories he’s facing and said he saw my Online Course “The Puzzle Hustle” where I teach and mentor people around the world on how to become smart, highly skilled and well-paid website and graphics designers and I then show them how to use the skills gotten from the course to get clients within and outside their country, So – its a course that empowers you with raw and practical skills and then gives you the invaluable insights and blueprints to start making money working from your computer exploiting those skills and knowledge… So he said he would be glad if I could give him access to the course for free due to his financial circumstances. Trust me, I get 100s of messages just like that from people around the world and it tells me a lot about a person.

(Quick Hustle Advice: DON’T ask people for free stuffs when you know you will be getting tremendous value from the stuff and its a disrespect to the person who has spent months or even years creating a product that has so much value, you telling him/her to give it to you for free is you saying his time and expertise is worth nothing and it shows you are not serious about change or hustle, if you really need something, you will find a way to get it and if you really can’t – try provide some type of value to the person first before you ask him/her for free sh*t)

Back to my school guy, I gave him access to the course for FREE since we attended the same school and I felt kinda sorry for him after reading about his situation. I gave him free access so he could get the skills, the knowledge and insight and start making some good money for himself. I believe that giving someone knowledge and skill is far better than giving them money, money will always come and go but the knowledge and skill you’ve impacted in someone will remain forever – he/she can use it over and over again and make money with it over and over again! He thanked me and I felt good I could help. Just one week or less after, I got a message from him again saying “Daniel, please can you tell me an online business that I can do with little or no capital or risk that will start making me cool cash?”… from his question, I knew this guy is just like a lot of people, they are always looking for a quick way out, fast cash, get rich quick schemes and all these things are BS. They don’t exist, you need to actually provide some type of value and meet someone’s need in order to make good money on the internet or even offline in real life.


I just gave this guy a course for FREE that took me close to 7 months to create where I share EVERYTHING I KNOW, things I knew when I started, things I wish I knew when I started, things I stumbled upon along the way that if I had known from the beginning would have made me more money, my exact skills, advice and blueprint, over 73 videos of me showing step by step how to go from ZERO knowledge to becoming someone who can comfortably design high quality websites and do graphic designs. He can use the skills to get a creative designer job or follow my path and be a freelancer who works from home and gets his own clients and I didn’t stop at giving just the skills alone, I show exactly how I made thousands of dollars and pounds back in Nigeria that made me so much money that I decided to move to one of the most expensive cities in the world to sponsor myself in getting a Masters and also living here and I give my exact blueprint/proposal I use for my design agency in London to get clients. That’s not all, you get a fully threaded path, you don’t need to cut your own grass or clear the bush or make the mistakes I made, you simply follow a trusted and tested path. Gosh!!! I wish I had that when I started! But just like a lot of people in the world, he thinks getting skills or spending time learning something is a waste of time, instead he asked me if I could tell him an “online business that he can do with little or no capital or risk to start making cool cash???” He’s looking for a get rich quick scheme and this is why so many people get scammed on the internet.


You know what the problem is? Most people just want to get rich quick without doing any work, f*ck all the stories you’ve read online about easy internet businesses, internet money or being a rich entrepreneur overnight. When its all said and done – you have to do some type of work to become rich. You have to provide value!  You want to be a blogger and make internet money?  You have to write GOOD and ENGAGING blogposts consistently that gets people stuck on your blog and share the heck out of it, then you will make money from ads that are being viewed and clicked on your website – that’s how all these bloggers you’ve read about who make thousands of dollars per month from their blog do it and guess what? It doesn’t happen overnight, it took them time and a learning curve to get there. Oh, maybe you’ve read about Amazon’s founder or any founder of a famous online marketplace website that are now billionaires, they provided value first and got rich from it. They created an online marketplace that allows people to buy what they want from their house and the marketplace grew into a successful one after so many years of behind-the-scenes hardwork.

Okay, lets move away from internet money makers, lets say “Footballers” who you think are making easy money! The are not, they have to provide value first as well! They have to perfect their skills, train like a beast and hustle till the point where a scout picks them up and signs them with a club and even when signed – its not over, they still have to train and add value to the team. Or maybe you want to be a freelancer that designs websites and graphics and you’ve read my blogposts about how I made and still make thousands of dollars and pounds doing this –  you first have to get the skills, learn how to get clients and when you do get the clients, you have to provide value first!!!! You have to actually design the website for them and they have to love it and then you will be paid handsomely. Last example again from my hustle, even though I work with businesses and individuals around the world providing them with my creative design skills and business management consultation,  I have eBooks and online Courses that people pay for. I make money from that on the side and that’s good and real internet money, I don’t have to do anything again once the eBook or course is done and its online, it generates money itself. (ofcourse I have to answer customer questions and queries but that’s interesting for me, i love doing it) But before my eBooks or Courses can generate auto-pilot internet money, I have to actually provide value first, I have to spend months creating the content so that it achieves the aim of me writing or creating it in the first place – it gives people actionable insights, knowledge and skills that they can use to make money as well. So, people then pay to get the knowledge that I provide. They are not paying because they have so much money to waste but because they know the value that they will get from the eBook or Course and how it will enhance their lives. And i create tons of free videos and blogposts just to add additional value at no cost!

You see, there is no such thing as easy internet money. You can keep searching everywhere and get scammed over and over again but until you understand the main principle which is – To make money online or offline, you need to have some type of value that you will provide, you need to solve a problem for someone and when you do – you will be compensated with money and if you play your game right – you will be compensated with a lot of it. So my advice is – Learn something that can be monetized, get a skill or knowledge and use what you’ve learnt to add value to people and businesses and charge for it.

If you are good at something, never do it for free! [sometimes you can though 🙂 ]

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please use the comment box below, lets talk!!!

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Daniel Damilola Nejo

The author Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel Damilola Nejo is a London based creative designer with love for the 'behind the scenes' of top businesses and brands. His thirst for understanding how his skills in Web/Digital designs can be used to make businesses better influenced his decision to get his Masters in Business Information Systems Management at the prestigious Middlesex University in London. He is a hustler and a forward thinking individual, he works with startups, businesses and individuals around the world as a digital designer & a brand developer. Founder: Presidential Ideas, Monkey Startup UK, London Gym Spotter.


  1. Spot on!
    I believed that lie too. . Until I started doing the work.. *Whew!!.. I felt betrayed. .. lol. .

    I even realised that most people who claim to make automated money online and stuff actually make all the money offline. .. especially in Africa.

    Making money online and fully automating it is possible but it takes a great deal of work, time and lots of experiments that might take a lot of your money.

    Thanks for sharing DDN. .
    Great Post!

    1. Thanks Tobi for your comment and reading the post! Its crazy bro, I see this everyday – people its a stroll in the park or its very easy or simple. I just had to write about it.

      Yes, its possible but it takes alot of experiment like you said which will take your time, resources and money. But if you get that one thing that works – all you have to do is keep optimizing it and branching out.

      Am excited to see someone who is actually in the space giving his own views and experience. Thanks once again for your comment!!

      Stay blessed Don!!!

  2. Oboy bross see I’ve been teling whoever cares to knw about you plu d Gary guy I got to knw from you dis page is on bookmark I respect ur work deeply Godbless you….ur role and purpose is what is generating cascade of impact daniel.

  3. Hi. Boss D. Your story is encouraging and inspirational. As regards this current post, I agree with you to no fault, Value is what attracts money wherever you are, One really needs to create what people needs and be a solution before the huge compensations come.
    Many Don’t understand this and it’s pathetic.

    But I do have personal questions though as one of my role models in the freelancing hustle,
    Anticipating your response.

  4. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

    I subscribed to your email service and I’ve never been here since then. But I decided to click on this when I got the mail.
    I’m just 18 and damn, I’ve been reading a lot. Just to avoid this 9-5 bullsh*t when I’m ready. I have started learning web design and development focusing on the back end. It ain’t easy at all bro. But all the same. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hey Emmanuel.

      Am happy for you, you are starting at this age. Am so happy for you, most of us weren’t opportuned to have this type of information or the type of mindset you have. Weldone, dont let anyone kill it. Keep learning, it wont be easy but its going to be worth it. You can also make it much easier by cutting all the unnecessary bullshit and learning what really matters.

      Wish you all the best brother.

      Daniel Damilola Nejo

  5. Hi Daniel Damilola,
    You are really doing a great job and also inspiring me always. I am a 400L Mechanical engineering student in Nigeria but I have passion for graphic designing and web designing but I have zero knowledge about it. Pls how do I register for your classes, how much is it? pls what is the duration of the class? Will I be given a certificate after it? Pls just give the breakdown of everything. God bless your hustle.

    1. Hey Michael, thanks for the kind words!

      I am always excited when I see someone who wants to learn Creative design and is starting with ZERO knowledge. The reason is because even though I studied computer science back in Uni, I didn’t learn crap in terms of actual practical – so when I started learning web and graphics, I started with ZERO knowledge. So, don’t worry. You will be fine.

      This is the link to my online course called “The Puzzle Hustle” I called it The Puzzle Hustle because I took away all the unnecessary Bullshit required in knowing web and graphics design and focused on what is actually needed and what brings in Money. You will find it interesting.

      Don’t be a stranger.

      Daniel Damilola Nejo

  6. Hi Nejo.
    Been following you for a while now, and still follow you. And YOU INspire…

    I am a full stack web developer and graphix designER… I am self learnt though, via rigourous reading and pain staking practice.

    I can build anything with codes, even designs and animations with code. Bro, i can code anything.
    Did my first job for a 150k years ago for a prep school.

    I have built lots of ecoomerce stores and payment gateways for clients.

    Honestly, I need to know to get clients. That is an area I lack. Whenever I give Nigerian clients my price, they bargain so low that I just turn down the job. Because it isn’t worth it all…

    I need to branch out and seek foreign clients … How do I go about it?

    That is all I really need to know.

    And this is the project am currently working on:

    1. Hey Christian,

      Thanks for the message and for the kind words. I checked your links.

      In terms of getting clients or working with Nigerian clients, I figured long time ago that Nigerian clients do not pay premium for our services not because there isn’t money in Nigeria (there’s a lot of it) , its just that most of the businesses owners and individuals who want websites do not see the value of a good online presence and they are used to seeing adverts in Ikeja or other places of people saying they will design websites for N5,000. So instead of trying to chase people who dont value my work, I decided to start providing my services to clients overseas, because at the end of the day – its all about supplying a demand whether I was based in Nigeria then didnt matter. So my advice for you is to know how to get clients overseas and how to position yourself to get those clients and some other things to do to be the guy who gets them. Its pretty straightforward once you get it.

      I have an eBook that goes in depth into this than my comment or blog-posts would and I recommend you get it if you are serious about getting paid what you deserve. Its called “The $1000 Client Blueprint” this is the link –

      Wish you all the best.
      Daniel Damilola Nejo

  7. Well Said Daniel Damilola Nejo …..have really learned more in reading your post ..Well am also a Graphic and web Designer…from Accra-Ghana ..And my dream is to be a developer .Actually , am not from a wealthy background .so i couldnt get the chance to go to the university to study Computer science as u did ..But i studied Graphic and web design in one IT college here in Ghana …which enabled me to acquired my skills …and am still hoping to learn more .. After reading your blog .l was really touched .and l think l can still make it …. Daniel Damilola Nejo , l reall want to learn from you ..L want you to be my MENTOR .. Mentor in caps because l really mean it …Hoping to here from you soon ..God richly bless you …

    1. Hey Desmond,

      Thanks for your message. Weldone on getting your skills but the funny thing is – even though I went to university to study computer science, I graduated with no practical skill, I had to teach myself web and graphics. So, it would have made sense to go to an IT college where I would have been thought practical stuffs. Nothing beats practical knowledge.

      I am starting my mentorship programme officially soon and its gonna be epic. There will be post about it on my Facebook page when its ready. You will be informed.

      God bless you to brother.

  8. Hi Dan,

    I must say that this is the best article I have read today

    Points so true, informative and impacting
    Online hustle in general requires smartness

    Thanks for sharing

    Regards Celestine

  9. Hi Daniel, I’ve been keeping up with you for quite some time and i must say, I have learned so much from you., thanks for this awesome write -up, I’m greatly inspired and motivated. I’d also like to be part of this industry. I’m ready to put in all the required efforts and resources. Thanks one again.

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