Getting Out Of Your Head..Having Fun…Letting Go!

In this video, I rant about having fun, getting loose, coming out of your head and basically doing things without thinking about what people think about you because at the end of the day, no on really cares about what you do, everyone has shit they are going through.


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Daniel Damilola Nejo

The author Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel Damilola Nejo is a London based creative designer with love for the 'behind the scenes' of top businesses and brands. His thirst for understanding how his skills in Web/Digital designs can be used to make businesses better influenced his decision to get his Masters in Business Information Systems Management at the prestigious Middlesex University in London. He is a hustler and a forward thinking individual, he works with startups, businesses and individuals around the world as a digital designer & a brand developer. Founder: Presidential Ideas, Monkey Startup UK, London Gym Spotter.

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