[Video] Supporting Document Breakdown for The #TechNation Exceptional Talent VISA

Getting endorsed as a World Leading Exceptional Talent by Tech City UK a.k.a Tech Nation requires jumping through a lot of hurdles. These hurdles are understandable because of the benefits attached to being endorsed. Besides getting 5 years and 4months Visa to the UK to live and work with little or no restrictions to your creativity, you get to have the brag right of saying “Am a World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology”.

Trust me, I love saying this and I even have it on my social media profiles. Its a very good status to have.

One of the many hurdles – perhaps the most important hurdle is submitting “Supporting Documents” that proves you are an exceptional talent and deserve to be endorsed by Tech Nation & the UK government. This documents will have to prove that you are either an established World Leader in digital technology or you demonstrate the potential to become a world leader in the field of digital technology and also that you have somewhat been recognized internationally for your impact and work in the field.

All these sounds very scary, trust me – when I first came across the Tech Nation Visa for Exceptional Talent, I instantly said “No way, this isn’t me. There’s no way am a World Leader in Digital Technology”. But here I am today, endorsed and enjoying my stay in London with freedom to remain creative and competitive in digital technology. So, if you have the same feeling, I know how you feel – don’t worry, you might just be!

In the video above which I titled “Supporting Document Breakdown for #TechNation Exceptional Talent VISA” , I went in-depth in explaining how to basically map out the requirements for the documents you need to submit and examples of documents you can provide.

So, Tech Nation advises that you submit up to 10 (not more than 10) pieces of evidence / documents to be considered for endorsement and each of them must not surpass 2 A4 Papers. The documents are splitted into “Key Criteria” and “Qualifying Criteria” documents.

According to them, you must submit 1 Key Criteria document and two or more Qualifying documents and then add more documents to make up 10. I had a bit of challenge understanding this in my first attempt to get endorsed, but I got it right in my second application. I talk more about this in the video above.

If after watching the video above on Supporting Document Breakdown for #TechNation Exceptional Talent VISA and you have some more questions, be sure to drop a comment below or send me an email.

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Important Information.

Getting endorsed by TechNation is not an easy task but trust me, all the labour, time, resources and sweat you put into your application would be worth it at the end of the day when you get endorsed, I am a living testimony to that. After applying and not being endorsed the first time, I knew that wouldn’t be the end – I knew I deserved to be endorsed, so, I applied again. This time with more thought-out documents and structure and the rest is history, I got endorsed!

Nothing changed about me, my qualifications or experience – what changed was the structure of my documents and its content layout. I took a lot of time to re-construct and structure my document into what Tech Nation wanted to see and because I know this can be time consuming, daunting and lowkey frustrating, I have spent ample time in creating “Done for you”, “Fill in the gap” document templates for Personal Statement, CV, and 3 Recommendation Letters structure that will save you time, help you avoid having to look at a blank page without knowing what to write and help you get your application submitted faster to avoid being late due to the very limited number of applicants endorsed each year.

My templates for CV, Personal Statement and Recommendation Letters will make your life easier and also make the life of the companies or experts you will be reaching out to for letters easier because they will have a format and structure to follow in their letter to ensure they hit all the points about you Tech Nation wants to read and see.

You will get access to the Templates and also HD videos of me explaining each aspect of the template.


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Daniel Damilola Nejo

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Daniel Damilola Nejo is a Nigerian born, London based Creative Designer and Content Creator with love for the hustle and community. He has a Masters in Business Information Systems Management and is Endorsed by the UK Government as a "World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology" . He is a true hustler and a forward thinking individual who uses his knowledge and skill to add value to lives around the world. He works with startups, businesses and individuals around the world as a digital designer and brand developer. Founder of some Digital startups and brands.