[Video] The 4 Things To Have In Place To Start A Successful Creative Design Business

Heyyy!!! Daniel here! Just a quick fun video to share the 4 things needed to start a creative design business from anywhere in the world and get clients around the globe even though you are a kid with a messed up pc in Nigeria and how I moved that to London! The purpose of this video is to share the 4 things I had in place and some I had to learn on the way when I started on my GrandMother’s dining table.

The four things are listed below.

(1) The first thing, very obvious is to get a Personal Computer.

The PC doesnt need to be anything fancy. Just something that comes up when you put the power button on. ( I explain it better in the video)

start a creative design business - get a personal computer

(2) The second thing is to brush up your graphics design skill.

You dont need to be a pro, all you need is to know the basics. Learn the things businesses need , things like Flyer, Posters, Logos, Business Cards, Letter Head and the likes. Dont bother about the others for now, you will be able to do them once you get those basics down.

start a creative design business - learn graphics design

(3) The third thing is to learn web design.

This might sound scary, and I went indepth in the video above. But what you need to learn is WordPress! Dont bother about the fancy website laguages like Javascript, HTML, Php, CSS and the likes. Once you begin with wordpress, you will get exposed to them eventually.

start a creative design business - learn wordpress themes and plugins

(4) Finally, you need to join a marketplace.

The only way yo break the cycle of just getting jobs from your localty is to join a marketplace, an online marketpalce. Sites like fiverr, elance, upworks and the likes will be very helpful! They expose you to international clients.

start a creative design business - join online marketplace

I highly recommend you watch the video about as i believe it will help you. If you have any questions or concerns, do let me know in the comment section below.

Also, I intend to create a more detailed course called “The Puzzle Hustle” where I will go indepth and share some behind the scene secrets to become a successful creative designer anywhere in the world.



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