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Hermine Patch Talks To Me About The Hustle Of Being A London Photographer

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I believe one of the key characteristics of an Hustler is the ability to spot a talent and see potential in them and try to make friends with that person and also offer value to them in a mutually beneficial relationship. ( in simple terms โ€“ ability to network ). I met Patch at a Karaoke night event at the Middlesex University last year. I was there to fool around with the music and she was there as the official photographer for the night. Asides trying to make sure I get my Drake lines right ( which I did, but my voice was horrible ๐Ÿ™‚ ) , I noticed how Patch was super engrossed in taking the pictures of the whole gathering and at the end of the event, I walked up to her and said โ€œThank Youโ€ . Am sure in her mind, she was like โ€œWho is this guy telling me thank you and why is he telling me thank you, am just doing what I loveโ€ย  Well, thatโ€™s just me. I love seeing young people do amazing stuff and I also love applauding them and associating myself with them.

After seeing some of her amazing works and getting to know her better. I felt the need to have an interview with her so I can get a birdโ€™s eye view of the hustle behind photography and also because I know sheโ€™s gonna be famous, I wanted to be part of the people who cheered her on, added value to her and made her feel confident in her hustle and most importantly โ€“ย  sheโ€™s gonna look back at this post many years from now and be like โ€œShit! my voice sounded really funny back then ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€

HEY! Below are some of here amazing works:

She has a different perspective of taking her pictures that is so different from the average photographer. She does โ€œStaged Photographyโ€ and according to her in the interview this means that when she has an idea, she has to find โ€œSuitable place to do the shoot, Suitable Composition, Suitable Models who will represent the idea the best, Suitable clothes and lastly Suitable lightโ€ Gosh! Patch, Thatโ€™s a lot of โ€œsuitableโ€ things to have ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets get to the interview!!! But before we do, the main purpose of the interview was to get to know her, understand the hustle behind being a Europe photographer and get some advice from her that may be relevant for anyone who wants to go into the photography world.

Anytime I get to have a voice interview, I always feel the need not to transcribe it because I think it will take away the fun! ( itโ€™s not that am lazy to transcribeโ€ฆ okay โ€“ I am! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) So, kindly play click the PLAY button below to enjoy the interesting interview I had with her in Liverpool street in London.

Am sure you would like her accent but you would like mine better ๐Ÿ™‚ That being said, as usual โ€“ EXPECT SOME AMAZING FLAWS IN THE INTERVIEW!


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Her Contact Details
Name: Hermine Patch
Instagram: @herminepatch
Online Portfolio:

I wold love to hear your comments and thoughts on her work, the interview we had and any other thing your mind can come up with!!!!


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