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My Struggles of Being A “Renaissance Person” and Society Trying to Box Me 😐

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Yesterday, one of my aunts gave me a call and said β€œDammy, so what do you do? What’s your career?”.Β This is not the first time people have asked me this question either directly or indirectly (yes, I can read minds, lol) and the reason they do is because am aΒ Renaissance person. Am multi-talented, skilled, have knowledge and show interest in many spheres across many subjects in life.

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How I Started & The 3 Steps To Becoming A Well Paid Website Designer

Top 4 Ways To Get Thousands of Visitors To Your Website With A $

If I give you Β£1000 rightnow, how will you feel? Don’t run to the comment section yet to write how you will feel – I already know because I will also have the same feeling. What if I show you how to make Β£1000 or even more than that over and over againΒ  – how will you feel? Much better, happier and more excited? You see, its better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish because when you give him fish – he will be excited for a moment in time and the fish will disappear just like any other good thing in life but if you teach him how to fish – he can go to the stream onΒ  his own over and over again to catch not just one fish but more and he might get lucky one day to catch a fish with gold coin in its belly. Wait! the tittle of this post isn’t about fish – you clicked on this post to read and learn about how to become a well paid website designer not a fisherman, lol. Chill bruh, I got you.

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