[Pictures] The Juice, Sauce & Shaku Shaku at London Fashion Week ’18

daniel damilola nejo at London Fashion Week 2018
daniel damilola nejo at London Fashion Week 2018

The London Fashion Show ended yesterday (February 20th 2018) . I wasn’t able to attend the first 2 days because I didn’t pay attention to the Fashion world and didn’t know something hot was going down since am into Tech and I.T and that’s where my main focus and attention is.

However, thanks to my fashion designer friend – Sultan! After clubbing together on Saturday at my favourite club – Cafe De Paris, we were about to shake hands and go our separate ways when he said “Bro, you gotta come to London Fashion Week Tomorrow”. I was excited about it and boom!!!, I got into the London Fashion Week 2018 mode. I had a great time, met amazing and beautiful people, had so much fun and even though these past few days has been kinda different for me because I normally work all day in my home office on tech related things but I found myself spending all day in fashion shows, after-parties and other fashion related madness. I enjoyed it though. I posted almost everything on my Snapchat and Instagram. I gotta say this again, I met amazing and beautiful people on their part to greatness in their respective fields.

Since I have a clothline called the “The Presidential Hustle” , I decided to rock clothes from my collection! These were the 3 clothes I wore on the 3 days I attended! Remember, you can shop my merchandise officially here The Presidential Hustle Merch

Below are some of my favorite pictures. (Ofcourse all the pictures had me in them because I am my favourite person in the world, lol) Enjoy!

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I hope you liked the pictures. If you are not following me on Instagram, what are you doing with your phone? Follow my page rightnow @DanielDamilolaNejo and I’ll follow back! And for the people who don’t know what “Shaku Shaku” means, its a new dance step currently hot in Nigeria! 🙂

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