Make Money On The Low In Uni With Emmanuel’s Revolutionary App – “UnItrade”

Am a trouble maker, as far as trouble making goes. It was a chilled evening at Middlesex University, even though I was done with my Masters at that time, I was in Uni on that day because I was working on a web project for an ex lecturer of mine. So immediately I was done with the meeting, I decided to chill at the MDX Quad (this is a place where students chill, relax and meet other students). If I am being honest – I chill at the Quad to approach beautiful girls ( hahahaha ) yes, I just let the cat out of the bag. But If I am being modest, I would say I chill at the Quad to relax and enjoy the view and start conversations with beautiful people.

Then this guy came to me and asked if I had a minute. I said – sure, have got two! We then started talking about being Middlesex University students, being from Nigeria and how I hustled my way to the UK and about his amazing app – Unitrade! A marketplace mobile application where university students can swap or buy items from other university students. The conversation became very interesting because I started to see some similarities between us – this guy is Nigerian, educated, articulate and a hustler with passion for what he does. I immediately installed the App on my phone and created a snapchat story about it to spread the word to my followers. We exchanged contact details and social media handles and I told him to hit me up if he needs my input in anyway.

This is the Emmanuel by the way talking about the UnItrade App.

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The Unitrade App

If you’re a student who has heaps of unwanted books, clothes, shoes or anything else that could be used by someone else, then this is the app for you.

Throughout the year, every month, students spend over 20% of their income on clothes, shoes, phones, nightclubs and eating out with friends (Student Money Survey, 2015). At the end of the year, most 1st and 3rd years tend to throw away their unwanted items like books, clothes and small home accessories either because they no longer need/want them or cannot carry them back home. If there was a way to help all students save money in at least one of these areas or make some money from their unwanted items all year round, then we feel that such a product has the potential to become a household name in universities all around the world.

UnItrade allows you to buy, sell and swap unwanted items on campus, and it’s all for free.  So if you’re in first year wanting to buy course books, a second year student desperate to sell a four slice toaster or a final year student who wants to swap a smart, plain white shirt for fairy wings (who doesn’t like fairy wings), then UnItrade is definitely for you.

Download, Install and Support.

The app is currently only available on iPhone via the App Store, this is the link to download –

UnItrade is currently running a Crowd-funding campaign to put the app in more students phones and hands through marketing and developing an Android version of the app and also using feedback from the current users to make the current iOS app better. I strongly recommend you support by also contribute by visiting

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