Interview: New York Entreprenuer Shares Major Keys To Be a Better Hustler

daniel phillip Presidential Hustle
daniel phillip Presidential Hustle

The Presidential Hustle interviews Daniel Phillip featuredMe: The ability to see things wrong in the world and the ability to come up with suffice ways to fix them” this statement here from you is quite amazing because a lot of people think that to be an  entrepreneur you have to be a “creator” or “developer” but really, you can be an “innovator” who provides a solution to an exiting problem! Interesting!!!

Now, let’s move on to something lighter 🙂  .  I saw this pic of you online with a Calvin Klein branding, can you tell me the story behind it?  ( i then showed him the picture on the right. )


Daniel: This picture was a joke.   My wife’s friend is this incredible photographer who has worked with all of the big people.  I told her that I could model someday joking around and when I had to hire her to shoot some things for my business we took a few photos like this one and she stamped it with the CK just to rub it in a bit more  🙂 .  I have great friends like that lol


Me: Confession time, when you hired me to design your website 3years ago, I was 19 and was back in Nigeria – a fresh graduate! I hadn’t designed any website then cos clients tend to go for people who have “portfolios” but I learnt how to sell myself as the best even though I wasn’t then and didn’t have anything to show to proof it but I knew i could do it, all I needed was chance. So, I sold and packaged myself as the best.
What’s your take on the importance of confidence, self belief and personal branding / packaging for an entrepreneur.


Daniel: That’s a great, great, great, great question!!!

I have 3 rules which constitute everything that I do,
  1. ABB ((Always be branding)!   I don’t care if it’s for a deal already on the table, an idea that I have, or I’m simply meeting someone for the first time who knows nothing about me.  I am always branding and I always will be.  And I’m doing it harder than anyone else too.  If we are honest, right off the top we are already branded as incompetent, lazy, unappreciative, bullshitters as black men.   But my take on that is that all publicity is good publicity if you know how to make it that!   The fact that I’m black means that the world is already paying attention to me.  I have my audience already 🙂 .  It is now my job to shift their mindset about me to who I really am, a man not like many who it would be in your best interest o know and respect, and especially separate from the way that you view the masses of black men.
  2. This brings me to my second rule.   ABP (Always be prepared)!   It is better to be prepared and not have an opportunity, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared!  I see the bigger picture, and that allows me to comfortably make moves in preparation and strategy.
  3. The third thing is that I’ll never be in a room with someone willing to work harder than me.   It’s impossible because I am willing to die for it.  Now put these three things together with an ideal opportunity and tell me what you get!


Me: God!!!! This is amazing!!! You definitely should write a book! I will design the cover for free!  🙂

Before you go, If there is one advice you’d give to young and aspiring hustlers out there scared to do what they want because of the social conditioning that has been on them to think in a box, what would it be?


Daniel:  Fuck Fear!  It’s the enemy!  We will all die anyway, and putting in some extra work isn’t likely to kill you, so stop with the excuses and get off of your ass because that’s the only way that you will get on your feet!  🙂 ️.   Forgot the smiley face lol


Fuck Fear!  It’s the enemy!


Me: Thank you thank you thank you for this! There is so much value in this conversation and have been super enriched and blessed and educated from it – you don’t know the half of it!
Last but not the least, what would you say your job description is now in the shortest form possible


Daniel: You are very welcome Daniel.  What you are doing here is not only important, but can serve as the thing to inspire just that one mind of the person who may change the world.    As for me, I have one job description that breaks down into many responsibilities.  It is my job to always be true to myself!  From that, everything else stems.  I truly believe that I will be a billionaire someday.  I don’t believe this because I desire it, I believe this because I enjoy doing so many things that can lead me here.  So my only job then is to continue doing the things that I truly enjoy and watch them enrich my life.   I love my wife and truly want her to be happy.  I know that we are happiest when we are both feeling great about ourselves and following our own paths collectively.  So I must again stay true to myself, it’s my job.   I will say this, the foolish man looks out into the distance for his happiness, but the wise man plants happiness seeds all around him and watches as happiness grows all around him.   If you really want the good life, you have to start within.  As cliche as it may sound, it couldn’t be closer to the truth!


Me:  Thanks for your time and advice


Daniel: You got it brother.  I’m happy to help.  This work that you are doing is imperative.


Hope you enjoyed the interview, i REALLY did!!! Feel free to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts on the advice Daniel gave in this interview.

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Chiemezie John Duru
Chiemezie John Duru

Wow this my second time reading. I really got some value (ABB).

I love the part that says, anyone can become an entrepreneur is not something you are born with but it’s a decision to grow and live a better life.

Osituyo Akolade
Osituyo Akolade

Hello Daniel! This is really inspiring. Keep up the hustle. Cheers!


Hey Daniel, nice interview! I enjoyed it…keep up the good work!

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