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After returning from one of my client’s apartment on Tuesday night where we ended up in a bar at Camden Town in London, it dawned on me that the next day would be the Facebook Boost Your Business event at the Tobacco Dock in London. I was mentally ready for it, wanted to see those pretty girls with the facebook logo on their white tees, those facebook guys with fancy job tittles and funny looking blazers 🙂 but most importantly – I was excited about the event because I would have the chance to network and “hear facebook advice directly from facebook”. To be honest, I didn’t register for the event my self, two good friends and business partners of mine did. Thank you Andrew & Opal, you rock!

Before I talk about the insights i got, take a peep at some pictures i took in the event.

It was actually a Facebook + Instagram themed event, so you would expect the venue to be lit with blue colors and amazing pictures from Instagram pages – and it was. I would love to highlight the key eye openers I got from the event, am very sure the event wil be coming to a city near you soon, so I will not spoil the fun by revealing too much.

Customers are more mobile now.

The first speaker gave some amazing stats. She said 75% of Facebook visitors are doing so from the mobile. Videos on facebook gets over 8Billion views per day and those views are from mobile devices. The reason for this stats was to encourage and guide business owners that there is now a shift from DESKTOP to MOBILE, so whatever strategy that a business intends to use to gain leads on facebook, it should be “Mobile First” – meaning, it should be optimized for mobile because a large percentage of users that will engage with the posts, videos or pictures will do so on their mobile. Also, the video stats was to enlighten business owners that there is now a move from text to visuals. Humans are more likely to remember and engage with pictures and videos than texts.



Reasons for the switch from Desktop to Mobile

  • Immediate Communication : People now want replies faster now than they wanted it 5 years ago.
  • Expressive Communication: People now want to be attended and replied to by “humans” not “companies”.
  • Immersive Communication: Communication where the user is the main focus.

Interesting Stats from the FB Company page ( )

  • 1.09 billion daily active users on average for March 2016
  • 989 million mobile daily active users on average for March 2016


You can get all the help you need from Facebook.

Most people do not know that Facebook has a module called “The Facebook Blueprint”. I never heard of it before myself, I just got to know about it at the event. Its a resource that facebook has created to educate businesses on the tools available on facebook and enable them utilize the facebook beast effectively. On the Blueprint website it says “With more than 50 eLearning modules, Blueprint will help you learn the skills to move your business forward”

facebook blueprint

So, if you are business owner and would love to get properly educated on the tools and features available on facebook which you can use to enhance your business, do check out the Blueprint. Nothing makes more sense than taking “facebook advice” from “facebook”.

I also attended the Instagram session where the head of branding for Instagram talked about the new logo, the reason for the new logo, the main purpose of instagram, the new instagram advert feature and many amazing features rolling out from Instagram soon.

The event was a good one, nice environment, amazing people, good cake and tea, really buffed security ( okay, let talk about the buffed security – This is a social networking event, there is no need for a too buffed security. Everybody is here to network and learn, no one will cause trouble )

Make sure you attend the event if it comes to your city!!!

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