“Customer Centricity” Does Your Business Hit It & Quit Like Men Do?

The more I shoot video blogs, the more my true wittiness unveils. In this new exciting and kind of naughty video shot somewhere in Liverpool Street in London on a cold afternoon, I  talk about a topic have always wanted to talk about – CUSTOMER CENTRICITY. While I was thinking of how to structure the content of this new vlog, the concept of how men love to Hit It & Quit It just kept coming through my head. And behold, I found the correlation between the behaviour of men and how businesses most times behave and I decided to go infront of the camera to talk about it.

Although the video can be seen below but I feel the need to put in perspective and in writing what Customer Centricity means.

Customer Centricity is a way of doing business in a way that provides good customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, increase customer profitability and loyalty.

It definitely goes beyond just good customer service, customer centric businesses provide amazing customer experience from the AWARENESS stage through the purchasing stage and finally to the post-purchase stage. They don’t Hit It & Quit It!

Kindly watch the video below to get the full gist and at the end of it, you will learn two strategies on how to become a more customer centric business.

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I would love your thoughts on the content of the video? What do you think about it and is there anything you would love to add or subtract from it.

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Daniel Damilola Nejo

The author Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel Damilola Nejo is a Nigerian born, London based Creative Designer and Content Creator with love for the hustle and community. He has a Masters in Business Information Systems Management and is Endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology” . He is a true hustler and a forward thinking individual who uses his knowledge and skill to add value to lives around the world. He works with startups, businesses and individuals around the world as a digital designer and brand developer. Founder of some Digital startups and brands.

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