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These 5 Premium WordPress Themes Will Make You Look Like An Expert In Minutes

Look Like An Expert In Minutes With These 5 HQ Wordpress Themes

Have you ever seen websites of top brands and businesses with a Pixel Perfect Modern Design style / layout and wondered how you could also achieve that for your own website, project or maybe for your next paid client’s website but wondered how to get it done? I have got you covered as usual. In this post, I have done the research for you, dug the hole and brought out only jewels, the best of the best high performance and highly customizable WordPress themes (you know am a die-hard lover of WordPress). (more…)

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Top 5 Cheapest Web Hosting Companies Review

top 5 cheapest web hosting company

What are the top 5 cheapest hosting companies to host your website with? That’s a good question but its also important to not only look at price but also things like Uptime, Speed, Customer service and other people’s review before going for an hosting company because when you are sucked in, it will be a lot of headaches trying to move from one host to another (trust me, I have faced this and still face it). (more…)

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[Infographic] 50 Surprising Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

50 Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress daniel damilola nejo

One of the myths about WordPress is that it’s only for blogging. That’s very far from the truth. Over the years, WordPress has evolved from being just an “ordinary blogging platform” to becoming a full functional Content Management System (CMS) that allows you or anyone to create simple to very complex websites, thanks to the fact that it’s open source and there are thousands of developers and designers creating plugins, themes and tools that keeps making WordPress the best CMS to work with. (more…)

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Top 4 Ways To Get Thousands of Visitors To Your Website With A $0 Budget

In need of visitors for your website? Setting up your new website can be fun and all but in just a few days after setting up your website completely, you will come to the shocking realization that there is one important thing all websites need to achieve online success and that is “getting visitors to the websites”. News Flash! This is commonly called traffic, and we always want this to be green! The more visitors to your website, the more money to your pockets if your website sells a product, service or has paid ads on it. (more…)

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5 (Important) Rules To Increase Engagement & Conversion On Your Website

Websites play a very important role in today’s business world, it can be said that a business that doesn’t have a website can be deemed as “non existent” and one with a poor user experience and interface will be deemed as “not serious”. So, websites are quite an asset for a modern day business. Now when it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every detail in order to ensure that it performs well to serve its purpose. (more…)

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