Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

How A Tech Nation Visa Alumni Took Legal Action Against Me For “Infringing Her Copyright” 😞

How A Tech Nation Visa Alumni Took Legal Action Against Me For Infringing Her Copyright

In this blogpost, you are about to read how a Tech Nation Visa Recipient who goes by the name of _____ (name withheld, lets call her β€˜Miss Tech Nation Visa’) came after me claiming I infringed her copyright because I started a side business providing done for you document templates that helps potential applicants apply with more confidence, saves them time, gives them a template and structure to follow in their documents formulation process and reduces stress just because she also provides that same service and thinks she can run a monopolistic market where she’s the only one in it.

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[Video] 11 FAQS & Answers for The Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa

After receiving my endorsement as a β€œA World Leading Exceptional Talent” from Tech City a.k.a Tech Nation back in May 2017, I made a decision to myself to try my possible best to create content around this that will help and assist other applicants, potential applicants or people who do not even know something like this exists to gain confidence during their application process because when I was applying, I didn’t really see a lot of articles and information from people who have successfully applied giving advice or sharing their experience.

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[Video] Supporting Document Breakdown for The #TechNation Exceptional Talent VISA

Getting endorsed as a World Leading Exceptional Talent by Tech City UK a.k.a Tech Nation requires jumping through a lot of hurdles. These hurdles are understandable because of the benefits attached to being endorsed. Besides getting 5 years and 4months Visa to the UK to live and work with little or no restrictions to your creativity, you get to have the brag right of saying β€œAm a World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology”.

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[Video] Personal Statement for TechNation Exceptional Talent VISA

Personal Statement for The UK Exceptional Talent VISA (TechNation)

Your personal statement is one of the most important documents you will have to submit in your quest to being endorsed by Tech City UK a.k.a Tech Nation for the Exceptional Talent VISA. In this new video, I break down and give insight on how to go about writing your personal statement.

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(Video) Tier 1 Exceptional Talent VISA Personal Experience

The Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa is the UK’s way of attracting and retaining exceptionally talented individuals in Digital Technology, Science, Engineering, Humanities and Arts & CraftsΒ  to the UK. In this video, I share my experience and advice on how to get the Exceptional Talent VISA endorsement. I got mine from Tech City UK as an Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology.

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