Start A Business

These 4 Questions Will Help You Set-Up A Profitable Business

The Four Most Important Questions To Answer Before Starting A Business

Creating a successful and profitable business is not an easy task. It takes a lot blood, tears and sweat! It’s reliant on many external factors such as competition, timing and demand, which you most likely have little to no control over at the beginning but lets assume that all of these external factors are in your favour, having a sound business plan can lead to having a successful business. (more…)

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How To Start An Online Business With Little Money (with examples)

zero bullshit on how to start an online business

How To Start An Online Business With Little Money is a very important question and in this post, you will get the right answer. This post will not be a post that lists types of online businesses to start or run, rather you will learn the mindset behind online businesses, the types and classification and what you need to do in terms of investments to get the ball rolling. This is zero-bullshit article so be ready for some real talk!

I jokingly said “How To Start An Online Business is one of the most searched terms on google after searches related to sex and how to last longer in bed”, even though that sounds funny – its somewhat true. Being someone who talks about entrepreneurship on my blog, social platforms and videos, a lot of people ask me questions related to how to start an online business with close to zero capital or experience. (more…)

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