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[Facebook Ads] The Key Metrics To Know In Order To Run Better Ads ๐Ÿ’ก

understanding the facebook ad manager

Smart business owners and individuals understand the power of using social media to build and connect with their audience or even potential new audience/buyers. In this time and age, social media is very relevant to a businessโ€™s success but not everyone (both seasoned digital marketers and the average Joe) knows how to use social media to properly reach their target audience and increase traction, sales or conversion for their brands.

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Use These ‘2 Powerful Hook Words’ To Increase Conversion on Your Next Facebook Ad

Combine These ‘2 Secret Words’ To Increase Conversion on Your Next Facebook Ad

The fastest way to put your product, service, name or content in front of the right people is through paid ads. Facebook has grown from being the biggest social media platform to becoming the largest advertising platform โ€“ it is so profitable to run ads on Facebook because of the vast amount of information and data they have and have collected over the years of being on top of the food chain. You can go as in-depth as targeting people who have clicked on the โ€œBuy Nowโ€ button on facebook in the past week. (how crazy is that?) Talking about crazy, you can target men between the ages of 21 โ€“ 35 who like Cardi B, are into Tech and make over ยฃ35,000 per yearย  (thatโ€™s crazy right?!)

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Running Profitable Facebook Ads (Episode 5 “Targeting”)

When it comes to running profitable Facebook ads, targeting plays a very important role. If you have a good product or service but the targeting sucks, it is very likely that you will not make sales or get a good Return On Investment.

Even though people on Facebook and other social media platforms are there to socialize, companies are making Billions from sales off social media through detailed and correct targeting. In this new video on how to run profitable Facebook ads, I go in depth into targeting and show you samples of targeting done right and ofcourse targeting done wrong!


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Shotgun vs Sniper Marketing Approach (Which One Is Right For Your Business?)

shotgun vs sniper riffle marketing

Shotgun marketing approach is dead or at least dying a slow and painful death.

In this article, you will learn and understand the right way to target and gain customers using Interactive Marketing a.k.a Sniper Approach Marketing, which is the new and most effective way to market your products and services to increase sales and get customers who are interested in your offerings.

For the past year, my love for marketing has grown tremendously, from enrolling on courses to getting a Masters in Business Information Systems Management to reading academic journals on the Psychology of selling, it is safe to say marketing and the art ofย  putting the right product in front of the right audience at the right time is my new found love.

Before we go into this article in more depth, letโ€™s address the elephant in the room, what is Shotgun and Sniper Marketing Approach ?

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Running Profitable Facebook Ads (Episode 4 “Facebook Marketing Objectives)

Welcome to the fourth episode of Running Profitable Facebook Ads (Episode 4 โ€œFacebook Marketing Objectivesโ€). In this episode, I talk about and explain the Facebook marketing objectives available when about to run a Facebook ad! Facebook has a lot of intelligence and data about its users who are on and off Facebook, they know which people are more likely to click on a link compared to those who are more likely to engage with a post by sharing, like or commenting and they sure know those who are more likely to buy a product or service. Therefore, understanding what each objective means and which to use for your ad is crucial! Enjoy the video!

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Running Profitable Facebook Ads (Episode 3 “Buyer’s State of Mind”)

Welcome to the third episode of Running Profitable Facebook Ads. In this episode, i talk about the โ€œState of Mind of Your Buyer or Audienceโ€.ย  I break down the 3 stages that customers are in which are HOT, WARM and COLD. In this video, you will understand what each stage means and how to run better ads using that information.

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Running Profitable Facebook Ads (Ep: 1 “Buyer Intent”)

When it comes to running ads on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. Its very important to understand the โ€œIntentโ€ of the users on that platform. In this video, I break down the psychology of people on social media compared to people searching on google to give you the understanding of the difference between both and how to use this knowledge to run better ads and make better ad creatives.

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