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3 Key Ingredients To Getting Highly Motivated Customers

3 Key Ingredients To Getting Highly Motivated Prospects Or Customers

With the many ways to advertise your business, service and offerings, it is easy to sometimes be in a rush to just get something out somewhere and anywhere. But, no matter where you plan to advertise or market, there are several basic fundamentals that will help create advertisements that are effective and profitable. Here are three (3) that will get you headed in the right direction. (more…)

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The Four (4) Ps of Marketing | From Idea to Launch🔑

the 4 ps of marketing

The four (4) Ps of marketing comes from the overall model in marketing called “Marketing Mix”. This term was coined by Neil Borden and it constitutes a set of marketing tools that allows a brand, company or startup to promote a product’s unique selling point (USP) those that makes it standout from those of the competition inorder position the product favourably within the marketplace .  (more…)

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[Facebook Ads] The Key Metrics To Know In Order To Run Better Ads

understanding the facebook ad manager

Smart business owners and individuals understand the power of using social media to build and connect with their audience or even potential new audience/buyers. In this time and age, social media is very relevant to a business’s success but not everyone (both seasoned digital marketers and the average Joe) knows how to use social media to properly reach their target audience and increase traction, sales or conversion for their brands. (more…)

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Use These ‘2 Powerful Hook Words’ To Increase Conversion on Your Next Facebook Ad

The fastest way to put your product, service, name or content in front of the right people is through paid ads. Facebook has grown from being the biggest social media platform to becoming the largest advertising platform – it is so profitable to run ads on Facebook because of the vast amount of information and data they have and have collected over the years of being on top of the food chain. You can go as in-depth as targeting people who have clicked on the “Buy Now” button on facebook in the past week. (how crazy is that?) Talking about crazy, you can target men between the ages of 21 – 35 who like Cardi B, are into Tech and make over £35,000 per year  (that’s crazy right?!)


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