Digital Design

6 Things You Must Look Out For In A WordPress Theme To Avoid Headaches

Creating websites with WordPress should be fun, easy and stress free. Why? you may ask, well because things are much easier now and developers / designers have spent and are still spending a lot of time creating high quality themes to make life easier for wordpress designers or people who want to create their website with wordpress.


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How To Create A $5K Looking Website With These Simple Steps

how to create a modern website with wordpress with no code

Yes, I am going to show you how to create a website that looks like you paid $5k for it! The best part? You won’t even write a single line of code!

In the past, it was important for a business or a brand to have an online presence but today, just having “an online presence” is not enough. Your business’s website acts as an extension of your business online. So, just like they say, “first impression lasts long” How does your business or brand look online? Are you currently using a website designed in 1992 by your cousin Jimmy (no shade to Jimmy tho) that looks like it was designed with a gun to his head? (more…)

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