Daniel Damilola Nejo

My Struggles of Being A “Renaissance Person” and Society Trying to Box Me 😐

daniel damilola nejo Renaissance Man rainymilli

Yesterday, one of my aunts gave me a call and said β€œDammy, so what do you do? What’s your career?”.Β This is not the first time people have asked me this question either directly or indirectly (yes, I can read minds, lol) and the reason they do is because am aΒ Renaissance person. Am multi-talented, skilled, have knowledge and show interest in many spheres across many subjects in life.

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[Video] What Does Learning How To “Pick Up Girls” and Entrepreneurship Have In Common?

In this video, I take you into the rabbit hole of one of the topics that people do not like to talk about – which is; the art of approaching, picking up and becoming better with girls. I created a clear link between how the skills gotten from learning how to pick up girls can be transfered into business, entrepreneurship and becoming a better person.

Be sure to watch and drop a comment below on your thoughts.

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