The 5 Must Have Traits To Become Successful In Any Field

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Even though success means different things to different people, almost everybody can agree on the fact that we all want to achieve success. We want to taste it and have it so that we can provide for ourselves and people we care about and love. This is why we burst our asses everyday doing different things, learning new skills, going to jobs we don’t necessarily feel passionate about and doing anything humanly possible to achieve “success”. How about we pause for a minute, what does success actually mean to you? Have you ever taken a moment from the hustle and bustle of life to define what success means to you as a person? A well defined meaning of Success would be “achieving the goals and dreams you have for yourself” so therefore being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals.

Before I go further into the 5 Must Have Traits for Success, be sure to define what Success will mean to you as a person.

5 Must Have Traits To Become Successful In Any Field.

(1.) Confidence.

Confidence has to come first, believing in yourself and believing in what is inside of you. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Nobody! I agree that not everyone is born with core confidence traits and not all of us grew up with parents who told us we would be great, we were smart or kissed us on the cheek to build our confidence as kids. Some of us grew up in crazy backgrounds where instead of our confidence being built or strengthened – it was diminished.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Nobody!

I grew up in the slums of Ajegunle in Lagos with my dad, step moms and siblings – I won’t be going into more depth on how toxic the environment was but it was crazy and filled with a lot of negative energy. I was so maltreated as a kid by my step moms because my mom wasn’t around and that made me grow up being a stammerer (I still stammer till today but have been able to learn how to minimize it and not let it ruin my life), I was always scared to talk because regardless of what I said – right or wrong, I would be beaten and this messed with my confidence and self-belief and this is the case for a lot of us- we have circumstances in our lives that has made us loose confidence in ourselves and abilities and this is holding us back from achieving success because like I said earlier – If you don’t believe in yourself – who will? Nobody!

I remember back in 2016 when I was done with my Masters in London and it was time for me to go back to Nigeria, I was looking for a means to get my Visa / Stay in the UK and most of the routes were either not too legal, too stressful and slavery-like and I didn’t want to go for any of them, then I stumbled upon a VISA route called “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology” , I remember saying to myself “There’s no way I can get that VISA, there is no way am a world leading exceptional talent in tech, there is no way, that’s not me” (Lack of confidence and self-belief).

To cut the long story short, when I was back to Nigeria after my Visa expired – I decided to apply for the Exceptional Talent VISA and I was shocked to see that I had most of the documents, experience, expertise and Skill needed to get endorsed  and when my application was reviewed by the UK government, I got endorsed as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Tech” and I got the VISA to move to the UK on a platter of gold.

There are so many things the lack of confidence does to us in holding us back from achieving success in things / certain areas of our lives. So therefore, become confident in yourself, your ability, what you have to offer, the price of your products / services and the value you bring to the table!

You can watch this video I created a while back talking about “How To Build Crazy Confidence by Borrowing From Your Future Self”

(2.) Communication.

Tell me a job or hustle that doesn’t need some type of communication in this world! Brushing up your communication and relationship building skills will improve your confidence, increase the sale of your product or service, help you meet new and amazing people who will be of value to you. Learning how to communicate your thoughts, ideas, feelings and value you bring to the table will increase your chances of success. Its an important trait, ever heard the saying “A closed mouth is a closed destiny?” it is true, as humans, we are always selling – either you are selling your product, yourself and skills or you are selling your service – we are all sales men / women. I had to draft this blogpost in such a way that I sold you on reading the content of it – maybe it was the tittle, the featured image, the fact that you follow and like my work or something – but I had to sell you to click the link and read this post even though you’ll be getting more value from the post than I would. We are always selling.

Improve your relationship building and communication skills to increase your chances of success.

(3.) Collaboration.

Team work makes the dream work! Being able to work, learn and collaborate with others is a vital skill for success. As hustlers and entrepreneurs, we sometimes feel we can do it all on our own. I for one is guilty of this, I suck at being in a team or having a team – am a one man army, I believe in doing it all by myself but that is a recipe for disaster and killing yourself with too much workload. Working and collaborating with others can bring new ideas to the table. Since I opened myself to collaborating and working with others, have seen increased productivity, learnt a lot of things, saved a heck load of time I would have spent trying to learn something or do something on my own,  and I get to work less and have more time for other things that interests me.

(4.) Can Do.

Success takes effort, persistence and time, so you’ve got to be ready to put in the work. Sometimes you will have setbacks but your “Can Do” attitude will keep you on the path to success. If you really want something, don’t give up easily, fight for it till you’ve got no fight left in you, believe you can do something and your belief will open doors for you. Quick story; I have never been a fan of Web design or anything that has to do with code and all. I always felt it wasn’t for me, I always said I couldn’t get or understand it or its to technical for me.

So, when I was done with Uni in 2013 and it dawned on me that I had just finished schooling and I don’t have any practical skill or value to offer the marketplace, I knew I had to learn something solid. So I said “Fuck it, am gonna learn web and graphics design” if I can learn those skills, I will be able to charge people and businesses for the services. I let go all of my old believes about how much I hated web design and how hard it would be to become a website designer and I went to work – I started reading blogposts, articles, watching videos and getting any paid or free information I could lay my hands on to learn web and graphics design.

My “Can Do” attitude paid off because I got the skill, started getting clients, made amazing connections with companies and people around the world and it made me become the guy that was based in Nigeria and was earning in pounds and dollars which ultimately made move to London to get my Masters with my own money and start my “empire” and gave birth to The Presidential Hustle.

(5.) Criticism.

As humans, we don’t like hearing about our failures and weaknesses. However, being receptive and open to constructive criticism can help you better yourself. Listening to feedback from people gives you an excellent chance to learn, make adjustments (if you need to) and stay on the right path. I know getting told how you suck, how your content sucks or how whatever you do is not as good as it should be can be somewhat painful but to attain success – its best we keep our ears open to criticism, listen to what someone other than yourself thinks of something and pick the best ones to make adjustments on.

I hope you’ve gained  some value in this post. Its 2018, lets get it! Lets get this bag, the above traits can really give you an edge and push towards your success. I would love to hear what you think about the content, kindly drop your comment below in the comment box – lets talk!

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