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This One Habit Transformed My Life as a Young Hustler- Steven Ndukwu

steven ndukwu
Steven Ndukwu

There are two ways of attaining financial freedom; it’s either choosing to work 9-5 or becoming an entrepreneur. Whichever you chose, it is up to you, they both got upsides and downside but as a young person, you have the time and resources to try both methods out

As the title says, “the one habit that transformed my life”, Well, One habit changed which lead to serval things changing, which I am going to elaborate shortly.

I’m a Creative Entrepreneur, a social media expert & Brand strategist, I have dedicated my career to helping businesses optimise their online presences to win at business in this digital era. Most of the skills I acquired was self-taught because of the hunger and passion I have for what I do.

The one thing that transformed my life, gave me a new perspective to life, trained my mind to smell and see opportunities, introduced me to entrepreneurship, made me more money, prepared me for greatness, is understanding that;

“FREQUENCY matters before MASTERING”

I can write a whole book explaining the above sentence. but it is simply, “doing something countlessly without a plan of action or strategy, expecting to gain experience from the process”.

The above theory did not just come based on self-intuition, but as a result of attending seminars, listening to motivational audios from successful people, surrounding my self with the right set of people/persons, paying attention to what leaders in my industry are doing, staying busy and so on…

Embracing entrepreneurship at a youthful age has been a huge advantage to me, it has allowed me time for trial by error, making mistakes and trying to figure out what works and what does not work with family and close relations backing up my finances when I fail.


As of today, I know how to design graphic, Create social media campaigns, put out social media strategy for businesses, layout lead generation strategy, email marketing, video editing, copywriting/blogging, photography, image manipulation and currently learning how to code the web. you would say “this guy is a jack of all trade and a master of none”. I have dedicated my youthful age to learning anything I come across. what am I doing specializing at 23 years old?

I am simply trying out so many things to pick out the one which I am very efficient and effective with and most of all make me more money. After all, how is talent identified?

As a young child, the way I was told money was acquired is different from how money is acquired today. I was told to go to school, read my books, obey my teachers, I will grow to be a rich and successful man. As I grew up in maturity, I discovered the reversed is the case!.

I was not taught financial education, principles of multiplying money, pitching ideas, savings & investment, understanding how the internet, technology and emerging trends can help grow my career,  rather I was taught how to multiply figures, apply formulas, memorize theories from 50 decades ago that don’t work anymore.


As I graduated from college, I remember only 10% of the knowledge acquired, 9/10 were from extracurricular activities.

I’m not from a rich home, my father, Has no stable income and my mom is a teacher, they both struggled to make sure we graduate from the university and never lacked anything. but they keep selling us “the kids” on the idea of “been contented!”

I was very young, as a matter of fact, still a child, I had no assets of my own, no property at all, and I was been told to be contented. Contented with what? I wonder!

Society has a template every member is required to live by,  anyone who lives contrary to that is been seen as disobedient or too proud to take instruction.

I have aimed to do things differently, I remember back in high school, when I tried mastering how to write with my left hands, I was forbidden with the reason, “no member of the family writes with the left hand. ” I still went ahead though, and now, I can write with both hands as at today which makes me feel good.

while reading a book by a great salesman Grant Cardone, I discovered this quote;

“if you want to succeed, do what others are not doing and take massive action”

Three things I do and will recommend every young hustler do on a daily schedule are;

Reading Books.

As a college student, I saw reading as a prerequisite for passing an examination and impressing my parents and tutors. As I got introduced into entrepreneurship I got a better understanding of why reading is and will be the only medium to a life-changing experience.

Books are medium to which thought leaders give a sneak peak of their success blueprint. Cultivating a reading habit did not come intuitively, I followed a mentor who often made book reviews and highlighted take-ways from books he had read.

I purchase audiobooks from Audible

 Staying Busy.

By this I mean, staying busy focusing on  INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES, learning, accomplishing tasks, communicating with individuals in your circle of influence, learning new ways of acquiring income. Staying busy has a lot of advantages, but the most intriguing of them all is the avoidance of around wrong set of people, getting involved in non-profitable activities etc.

Identifying your circle of influence and connecting.

Your circle of influence is made up of individuals who are doing the same thing you are doing, these individuals operate in your industry, some of which are your industry thought leaders. staying in your circle of influence is important because it feeds you with trends and also having positive people around you.

Wrapping up,

we are living in the greatest time on earth. we have all the resources we need to grow, learn and acquire new skills just one click away. As a young person, you should make use of the time you have to avoid regrets later on and remember;

How much you have is dependent on How much you know.

Be phenomenal or Be Forgotten!  If you are a hustler like me, I would love for us to connect. leave a comment below telling me about your self too!

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Steven Ndukwu

The author Steven Ndukwu

Steven Ndukwu is a creative Entrepreneur, a social media strategist, and a website designer. He has a full-time job, practicing social media but on the side, he is obsessed with creating new income stream via the internet. He helps businesses and brands utilize the new media to win at a business in this digital era. He loves photography, public speaking and hope to professionalize it someday


  1. This is an amazing article. I really like the part where you talked about “making mistakes and trying to figure out what works and what does not work and your parents being able to back your finances” this is major. a lot of people ask me when the best time is to become an entrepreneur or start something of their own, I always say “When you are living with your parents” because at that time, even if you fail – you will still have a roof over your head and a food to eat compared to someone who now has a family to look after and other responsibilities.
    The “reading book” and “staying busy” part is also very true, I remember the first book I read at the age of 19 was “Art of the Deal” by Trump – that really made me become a lion in negotiating and believing in what I bring to the table.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this. I’m motivated. Was actually thinking of dying because I’m always confused. I really wanna do networking and become and ethical hacker. I love forensic. I wanna fight against crime. Must especially, Yahoo guys. I have this dreams. But yet I’m still unable to achieve this. I’m still under my parents and I guess I have to use my time wisely and I don’t want to look at my past failures. I’ll do something to that. Senior Dammy no look me say I no too take the course on graphics and web design too seriously. I have passion for something else which is networking and system security. Wish you could help me out on that

  3. There has being no way out for me bro. Being working on my networking skills. Its hasn’t being easy because I don’t have money to work more on it

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