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The ULTIMATE Guide To Profitable Freelancing In 2018

The ULTIMATE Guide To Profitable Freelancing In 2018

How about I start this post with defining what Freelancing actually means, so we can get on the same page. A Freelancer is a self-employed individual with a valuable skill who doesn’t have to commit to a single or long-term employer. They work independently for several different companies or clients from the comfort their home or any place of their choosing and mostly from their computer! Notice the part where I said with a “Valuable Skill” ? it is very important to have a skill first before thinking of freelancing, if you don’t have a skill that is valuable and you know people are making money with, you cannot be a freelancer! (what would you offer people as your service?)

A little background about me and my freelance journey. I started very young – at the age of 19 – immediately I was done with Uni, I chose Web and Graphics design as my preferred field, I have worked with a bunch load of clients (both good and bad), I have been able to build my freelance business that was started on my Grand-Mother’s dining table into a Sought-after Creative design agency in London (I’ll give you the link to my agency’s website at the end of the post), I currently mentor, coach and guide other freelancers (and newbies) on how to become more effective, get the right skills and charge what they deserve. 

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